The attorney general's office has temporarily barred contract janitors from its offices after suspicion that some of the cleaners had criminal backgrounds and lacked state-issued identifications. According to an Associated Press article, the ban of janitors followed background checks and came just weeks after the janitorial services was stripped of its state contract for employing illegal immigrants.

Although background checks had been done previously to identify immigration issues, a spokesman for the attorney general commented that the office would conduct their own background checks after "there were incidents that had occurred that raised red flags." The second round of checks would focus on criminal backgrounds.
v Deputy Attorney General Karen King Mitchell, in a letter, said "the checks showed some of the cleaners had been arrested several times, including for identity theft and fraudulent use of credit card information. One of the workers had been fired elsewhere for “unacceptable conduct concerning female co-workers.”

"When the spot checks discovered that three of four workers lacked identification and a Missouri State Highway Patrol background check, the attorney general’s office decided to bar state contractors from cleaning its building, citing concerns about potential security breaches.

"The letter said litigation and investigation records including financial, tax, health and driver records were threatened."

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