According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York Times reporting, the number of people in the United States suffering from asthma has jumped significantly in the past 10 years. The report, which tracked asthma cases from 2001 to 2009, indicates one in 10 children and about one in 12 Americans of all ages now have asthma.
The increases are occurring in all demographic groups-white, black, Hispanic, men, and women-but black children appear to be most impacted. One in five black children had a diagnosed asthma attack in 2009.
Among the other findings:
• Overall, there was an 8.2 percent increase in asthma in 2009 compared to 2001.
• There were approximately 20 million cases of asthma in 2001; this increased to approximately 25 million by 2009.
• More women have asthma (9.7 percent) than men.
• Asthma costs grew to $56 billion in 2009, up from $53 billion in 2001.

One bright spot in the report was that the number of deaths from asthma has actually declined to about 3,500, down from 5,500 in 1996.

"We don't know exactly why the numbers are going up," says Mike Sawchuk, vice president of Enviro-Solutions. "And as advocates for environmentally preferable cleaning products, we had hoped [the number of asthma cases] would have declined."
Indeed, Dr. Rachel Miller, director of the asthma project at Columbia University, says the numbers are puzzling. Whether it is caused by pesticides, traffic fumes, or allergens, "there is no singular explanation."
Sawchuk adds it is possible the numbers might even be higher if more Green cleaning products were not used in American schools.
"What we must realize as our industry becomes greener, is that we are doing our part to reduce these numbers and protect human health," he says.