Hotels such as the Hilton New York and the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calf., are following an upscale hotel trend by remodeling the restrooms in all their guest's rooms. According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, some guests are hesitant to bathe in commonly used areas and high-end hotels have opted to replace bathtubs with higher quality shower stalls.

The renovation trend was the result of a recent American Institute of Architects survey, which found that "more spacious and luxurious showers have become increasingly popular, while tubs are losing their prevalence," according to reports.

It was reported that hotel guests are also hesitant to use bathtubs because of "the ick factor" and the thought of who might have been soaking there before they checked in. Time restrictions might also factor in as many travelers just don’t have time for the 30- to 40-minute bath.

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