Ansell is making safety and lab managers' job a little easier by introducing an enhanced version of Ansell's SpecWare Online Chemical Application and Recommendation Guide. The online tool, available at, allows users to accurately search for the right protective glove specifically for chemical applications.

SpecWare minimizes user time and the number of clicks required to get from the search criteria to the Ansell glove recommendation. Now the application also has an enhanced multi-chemical search capability, which demonstrates a natural logic to respond to users' expectations. Single glove recommendations are also better matched to real world environments.

"Rather than conducting a search, compiling the information and then making subsequent product searches, users can rely on SpecWare to accomplish all of these steps with a single search," said Bill Bennett, Ansell Protective Products Inc. Marketing Manager, Chemical and Disposable Products. "Users can quickly determine if one glove exists that will provide the required protection for one, two or more chemicals."

The new version of the SpecWare guide allows users to first choose the expected exposure level, whether contact will be by incident (splash) or by extensive contact (immersion) for a longer period of time. The user then selects one of two methods, by name or the CAS number, to identify the chemical(s) of interest. Up to five chemicals can be added to the query.

Besides the enhanced multi-chemical search capability, the SpecWare master data table has been updated with additions for both the immersion and splash performance sections. The references were also made easier to follow and include a new category to clarify a unique performance characteristic of multilayered gloves. Also added was an "Ask the Expert" link for quicker, easier access to additional help.

Other SpecWare updates include the addition of the ChemTek gloves and AlphaTEC gloves. ChemTek gloves provide the highest level of protection for handling hazardous chemicals and are offered in two styles-ChemTek Butyl for the ketone resistance of natural rubber and better hydrocarbon resistance, and ChemTek Viton with Viton/Butyl construction for the highest resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.

SpecWare results include a "Positive Product Match" table including the chemical(s), product materials and recommended glove type with direct links to product family pages. The table provides degradation, permeation breakthrough and permeation rates for each glove type, with each rating color coded to indicate the level of suitability.

Ansell's SpecWare application and recommendation guide provides a link to safety and health information from The National Library of Medicine for each chemical. It offers an explanation of the methodology used for testing chemicals and gloves, a glossary of terms and a link to product distributors around the world.