An article in The San Diego Daily Transcript outlines the plusses and minuses to green cleaning. According the report, "The more you can invest now in a green cleaning program, the more it will pay off in the future." This is a statement that green experts have been stressing for years. The article goes on to examine both the small and large steps that facilities can make to truly benefit from green cleaning.

There are a variety of levels that facilities can take to incorporate green. One is to switch to environmentally friendly cleaning and paper products - a move that requires little funding and can still benefit the facility and the environment.

Second, facilities can implement green cleaning processes and preventative measures in addition to the Level 1 options. This includes investing in green tools and equipment that is used in cleaning. Items such as microfiber and high-performing vacuums are specifically outlined, as well as minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals.

The third level is to integrate green cleaning holistically. Look at the entire operations and analyze various ways to become green. This might include implementing waste system management and recycling programs, installing touchless restroom equipment or isolating and properly venting janitorial closet, to name a few.

The article goes on to address some of the financial benefits to implementing green cleaning products and procedures. To read this full report, click here.