They’re back!!!  Those pesky, potty-obsessed aliens from Kimberly-Clark Professional’s otherworldly video contest are appearing once more on a computer screen near you.

To view the final installment in their intergalactic search for the next space-age technology, visit <> .

When last spied in a two-part video at the site, these mysterious extraterrestrials had made off with the universe’s first electronic toilet paper dispenser, leaving a terrified human and an unpleasant “dropping” in their wake. The video ended with a challenge: Create a script for a third encounter between earthling and alien and win a Sony HD video camera valued at $1,200.
Now, more than 84,000 web hits later, Kimberly-Clark Professional has produced the winning script by Daniel Kane, a graduate student at Tufts University. The new video picks up where the first installments left off and sheds a light on why the creatures traveled from a distant galaxy to capture this innovative, new technology and then return it to its toilet stall home.

The contest represents one of Kimberly-Clark Professional’s first forays into the viral video realm. The goal was to promote a new business-to-business offering – eJRT, the first touchless electronic bath tissue dispenser for public restrooms.

“eJRT is a ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind product,” said Ming Xie, Category Manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “This contest allowed us to have some fun promoting a restroom technology that might well be appealing to a superior life form.”

In addition to the grand prize, one first-prize winner received a year’s supply of Kleenex Cottonelle bathroom tissue. Five second prize winners received a Potty Gift Pack of assorted restroom products.