Housekeeping personnel at the Southwest Florida International Airport have been haunted by scuffed flooring and long hours of clean up. According to The News-Press, the cleaning crew will be stripping the acrylic finish from about 350,000 square feet of terrazzo in the new passenger terminal. Since its instillation in early September, the floors have become a magnet for heel and suitcase marks, causing hours of clean up for maintenance crews.

After conducting tests on the flooring, it was determined that the waxy finish was the reason the floor was scuffing so easily. In an effort to reduce labor on the floor, janitors will apply a penetrating sealant to keep stains down. Costing an estimated $25,000, the new finish won't be as glossy, but won't be totally dull either.

According to reports, the new finish is expected to save the janitorial service department up to $100,000 a year in labor and material costs.

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