More than 1,300 distributors met in Washington, DC, in March 2010, for Summit, Yardley, Pa-based Activant's annual conference for wholesale distributors.

The three-day event included presentations by industry experts, educational sessions with Activant technology professionals, and networking events.

"A must!  The industry experts, the networking, the classes, the opportunity to see new developments...make it all worth while!" said Joe MulChay, president of Genalco, Inc.

"Summit is a great opportunity to learn about new features," adds Mike Chadwick, director of IT for Mercedes Medical. "It is also a great chance to meet and network with Activant employees as well as other users. Being able to talk to Activant employees face to face is great."

Dan Szykowny, CFO of SG Supply agrees: "I don't understand if you have the software and have this big investment in it how you cannot afford to attend Summit. This is the one time a year that you can get all the answers to your questions there and meet the people who are going to shape your technology future that run our businesses."

Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager of Activant, addressed the assembled attendees and highlighted Activant vision for the future.

"Activant's goal is to evolve the way distributors do business by offering them software and services that achieve best-in-class processes," Roach told the audience.

Summit 2011 will take place in Orlando, FL in March 2011.

"Go," recommends Sim Davis, controller of Southwestern Controls. "Do not debate it. Just go."