Avmor Ltd., a Lava, Quebecl-based company and Canada's leading manufacturer of professional cleaning solutions for the Jan/San and Foodservice markets hosted a “GREEN CLEANING FOR HEALTH” forum on June 18 and 19, 2009.

This event, which was a huge success, provided people from a variety of backgrounds with a unique opportunity to share their knowledge and raise awareness on the impact of green cleaning for health.

Keeping in mind the recent H1N1 virus (Swine Flu) threat and the declaration of a level 6 pandemic by the World Health Organization, this forum focused on preventing cross contamination, efficient green cleaning methods and tools, green certification, disinfection and nfectious diseases.

Participants included property managers, chemical suppliers, building service contractors, cleaning distributors, and representatives from the education and health care industries. One of the attendees, Anthony Nappi, Chief-Enviro Services from the Jewish General Hospital noted the value of equipment such as an ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) device and a Handheld Particle Counter.

He explained that these tools can be used to educate and show people the state of the health of their building by measuring the microbes in a room. When Katherine Fradgley of the Calgary Board of Education Cleaning for Health Program shared her experience of using an ATP device and implementing a green cleaning program at her school board, she noted that this was the first year where the schools in her school board were not been hit by Gastroenteritis. Other school boards are beginning to take notice and are looking to follow in these footsteps.

Allen Rathey emphasized the concept of cleaning as preventative medicine. Mr. Rathey is a 25-year veteran of the housekeeping and cleaning industry, owner of the communications company Instruction Link / JanTrain Inc and founder of The Housekeeping Channel.

As President of The Healthy House Institute, an online resource for safer indoor environments, Mr. Rathey is working towards changing the perceptions of the industry. Scott McDougall, the President and CEO of Terrachoice which manages the North American Ecologo Program discussed concerns regarding overuse of disinfection. McDougall noted recent examples of epidemics (all caused by viruses) and confirmed that it is possible to use disinfectants as part of a green cleaning and/or cleaning for health program.

Finally, he pointed out that users can reap the advantages of disinfecting and sanitizing while at the same time addressing the issue of bacterial resistance.
Other guest speakers included Heather Corrigan, a registered nurse with 25 years experience managing wellness and occupational health programs across Canada; and Vince Fagan, founder of Fagan Solutions Inc., a leader in bringing green cleaning to schools.

Attendee Yves Lafrance, Director of Business Development of Dist. PRI Inc. was pleased with the turnout of the forum, declaring that “We can learn from one another. Having all the various industries come together helps us to see how we can work and improve to raise the value of what we do, as well as the value that we can provide to our customers, including better health and wellness.”

Avmor is committed to being a leader in green cleaning and is looking forward to hosting similar forums.