The American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) launched a redesigned and improved Web site.

“This new Web site will prove to be invaluable to our members and serve as the point of reference and contact with the organization and encourage non members to join,” says Rose Hamann, CHESP and 2007 ASHES president.

The new look of the site was designed to reflect broad membership and represent all aspects of the environmental and support services professions. It also provides improved features such as a redesigned membership directory, corporate business directory, login features, and more.

“Using member feedback, we worked hard to assure members will receive added value and benefit from their Web visits,” says Patti Costello, ASHES’ executive director. “While many features were enhanced, we also continue to use this media outlet as an important content dissemination tool.”

The Web site will enable visitors to:
• Join – non-members have an open invitation to join this dynamic community of peers and for members to renew their affiliation.
• Lead – easy access to tools and resources that environmental and other support services professionals need to be leaders in the industry, their facility, and within the ASHES organization.
• Learn – with educational opportunities, news, and more to keep members informed of new developments in the field and in healthcare.
• Connect – providing opportunities for members to connect with peers, suppliers and a host of services.

Web site highlights include the following:
• A new and improved overall look.
• Representation of different disciplines and groups within the ASHES membership.
• A new business directory tool with search capability for a myriad of services and the supplier community.
• A new membership directory tool that promises to keep members in touch with each other nation wide.
• Newer, faster, and easy to use search capability powered by Google.
• Easy navigation and site map for better access to information and content.
• Exclusive section for members of affiliated societies.
• Most used sections such as In Focus, CareerLink, ListServ, and Bulleting Board, among others, have been updated and carried over to the new Web site.

To access the new ASHES Web site visit