According to a recent press release, the Association of Specialists in Cleaning & Restoration (ASCR) has changed its name and is now the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

Why? Because it better defines what the association and its members do. ASCR has undergone a major evolution during the past 17 months - adopting a new mission statement, a new code of ethics, developing a new strategic plan and vision, hiring new staff, retooling its governance strategy and moving towards becoming an association that defines the industry. To the industry and the public, RIA will stand for: Representation Information Action.

RIA will represent its members' interests to the public, the media, government and other audiences. RIA will provide information through education and a variety of vehicles to the industry, its members and the general public. RIA will take action to preserve the open competition the public depends on for its members' services.

RIA takes the strengths of ASCR - its history, knowledge, ethical responsibility and technical expertise - and will combine them with a focused vision, strong leadership and a clearly defined agenda to better serve the industry and those within it. Each member renews and restores buildings and their contents in some manner. They tell customers, "we'll make it better" and they use their knowledge and expertise to do just that. Restoration defines what members of RIA do, and the Restoration Industry Association is the entity that brings those professionals together.