To commemorate Earth Day and bring awareness to the importance of energy conservation in commercial buildings, The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International released its top 10 ways for building owners and managers to reduce energy consumption. The no or low-cost strategies that made the list are part of the nationally recognized BOMA Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP) that offers commercial real estate professionals strategies to reduce energy consumption by as much as 30 percent.

“The built environment accounts for 48 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in this country,” said BOMA International Chairman and Chief Elected Officer Kurt R. Padavano, RPA, CPM, FMA, SMA, and Chief Operating Officer of Advance Realty Group of Bedminster, NJ. “The good news is that there are many low and even no-cost strategies that are proven to save energy, reduce emissions, and they are easy to implement and have the added benefit of often reducing building operation costs.”

BOMA Top 10 Energy Efficient Strategies:
1. Check that Equipment Is Functioning as Designed
2. Consider Your Cleaning Options
3. Encourage Tenants to Turn Off Equipment
4. Use High Efficiency LED Exit Signs
5. Institute an Energy Awareness Program
6. Install Monitor Power Management Software
7. Change Incandescents to CFL and HID
8. Harvest Daylight
9. Evaluate After Hours Usage
10. Adjust Ventilation

To review the details on how to implement these 10 steps, click here.