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Janitorial crews in Southern Illinois say their phones have been ringing off the hook since last week's record rainfall.

This week, workers from Professional Cleaning Services are on the job at the Cache Valley Assisted Living Center in Ullin. It was hit hard by the floods, and residents were forced to evacuate.

"There were leaves, mud and debris you would expect to see in a river" says Doug Brandon, owner of Professional Cleaning Services.

Brandon's crews are making the proper repairs-- a daunting task that requires specialized tools.

"You find where the water line is on the wall and you have to cut out the wet dry wall, and the wet insulation."

The Assisted Living Center is about 30,000 square feet. That's a ton of dry wall that has to be removed. Crews say so far, they've discarded about a miles worth.

Everything that was exposed to the floodwaters has to go, even the kitchen sink. The next step is using disinfectant for these surfaces..

"Then the drying process begins with large air movers and de-humidifiers" says Brandon.

It's unclear when the clean-up will be done at the center, or for that matter, when it will be able to re-open.

Though the floods have kept the cleaning crews busy, they say it has been a bittersweet job.

"Just about everybody here lost all their personal belongings" says Brandon. "We're busy, but at the same time your heart goes out to people at a time like this."

Many of the residents evacuated from the assisted living center are staying with family during the clean-up.

For home-owners dealing with flooding, Brandon says it's very important to get rid off all things that touched the water.

Use disinfectants to ward off mold, and then use de-humidifiers to dry up the area.