A majority of U.S. Workers (64 percent) say that their decision to work for a company or purchase its products are "strongly" or "somewhat" influenced by a company's environmental practices or polices, according to a survey by Corporate Express US.

The survey gauged the attitudes and opinions of 7,660 office employees about the increasing trend of U.S. companies to incorporate environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. Respondents hailed from a wide array of industries — and ranged in position from the CEO level to administrative office assistants. According to the survey, American preferences toward environmental safeguards in the office continue to increase. The survey found that:
• Approximately two out of three workers at companies without environmental policies would like to see such policies implemented in their office
• 83 percent of employees would like to see their companies use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals in their offices
• Nearly one in three workers say they possess allergies that are aggravated by environmental conditions in their offices

Responding to this growing trend, Corporate Express is introducing a line of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning products nationwide that provide superior performance.

The Sustainable Earth line of commercial cleaning products — previously available only in the Pacific Northwest through Coastwide Laboratories — has been proven effective through five years of use by a variety of businesses and organizations. Today's announcement marks the first time the products will be available to companies nationwide under the Corporate Express banner and through the company's extensive U.S. distribution system. Corporate Express acquired Coastwide Laboratories in 2006.

"Corporate Express understands that its customers — a large percentage of which are engaged in sustainability initiatives of their own — are seeking better corporate practices to conduct their business while creating minimal environmental impact," said Jay Mutschler, president of Corporate Express U>. "Today, we are proud to announce our new line of Sustainable Earth cleaning products as we demonstrate our commitment to develop products and business solutions that reduce environmental impact while balancing social equity and economic vitality."

According to the survey, demand for environmentally focused products as increased steadily over the past 10 years — with most respondents (60 percent) reporting that the environmental policies at their companies have been implemented within the last decade. In fact, the trend reflects workers' personal habits at home — with 78 percent of respondents indicating they recycle at home and 51 percent of respondents indicating they use environmentally friendly cleaning products at home.

With a full repertoire of 14 commercial cleaning products, the Sustainable Earth line provides a company with everything it needs to help reduce harsh chemicals in its office environment. The products meet all facility maintenance needs, from everyday washroom cleaning to larger floor care systems, plus they perform exceptionally well, provide great value and are manufactured with the safety of people and the preservation of the plant in mind.

"I use to feel the term 'green' had a negative connotation to it," said Dan Koenig of Portland’s Tri-Met Transportation District, which began using Sustainable Earth products in all its facilities in 2002. "I always shied away from green products because, in my 15 years of experience, green products typically didn't work that well. But I would tell people today to reserve an opinion until they've tried Sustainable Earth products. They really get the job done."

According to Koenig, the Sustainable Earth products have reduced his district’s chemical costs by approximately 70 percent by switching from traditional commercial cleaners to the Sustainable Earth line, therefore reducing the number of chemical products the district needs to purchase to perform the same jobs.

As part of its ongoing environmental effort, Corporate Express has built the Corporate Express Research & Testing Laboratory near its corporate headquarters outside of Denver. At the laboratory, Corporate Express scientists conduct product research and development that will lead to innovative new sustainable and environmentally preferred office products, as well as work to certify products in accordance with a variety of certifications, including Green Seal and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment program. Many of the products in the Sustainable Earth line are currently certified by both of these programs.