On October 31st members of the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) elected Fiona Nemetz, CHESP, and Mark Regna, MBA, MHA, to serve on the board of directors from 2008 to 2010.

Nemetz has 15 years experience in health care and is the director of Environmental Services and Transportation for Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Nemetz has served in multiple ASHES committees and taskforces since joining the society in 1998.

Regna has 25 years experience in health care and is currently the Director of Healthcare Services for Jani-King International; a contracting service company based in Addison, Texas. Regna currently serves as knowledge and content advisor to ASHES and committee chair for the publications committee.

Both Regna and Nemetz will serve 3 years term beginning January 1, 2008.