Most successful salespeople have practiced face-to-face sales calls, until now. According to Selling Power reports, two scientific studies indicate that Web conferencing can be surprisingly effective as a sales tool.

In fact, online meetings proved to be as effective as traditional face-to-face meetings when it came to the following:
• Achieving accuracy. Communication was as accurate as that received in face-to-face meetings.
• Avoiding overconfidence. Strong personalities were less able to highjack online meetings.
• Commitment to the group decisions. Decisions made during online meetings were equally as valid as those in traditional meetings.
• Number of viewpoints communicated. Meeting attendees who might have been quiet during an in-person group meeting were more likely to express their views.
• Information communicated during the meeting. Information and fact retention was just as strong in the online meeting as that of traditional face-to-face meetings.

That said, results also indicated that participants of online meetings were less confident in their purchasing decisions. According to the article, this indicates that the online meetings might be best for information sharing, but might not be as effective as in-person meetings when it comes to purchasing.

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