BG Service Solutions (Airport Division) based out of Denver, Colorado successfully bid a service contract with Salt Lake City International Airport using the online tracking system, CleanTelligent.

BG Service Solutions specializes in large-space facilities, including shopping centers, schools, and airports. They service the Denver and Orlando airports, and had been working for several years to get a contract with the Salt Lake City International Airport as well.

Eight years ago, Salt Lake City International was accepting proposals from building service contractors to take the place of their existing cleaning company. BG put in a bid and was scored highly. However, because the airport was not familiar with BG they ultimately decided to keep their existing service provider.

After this first attempt, the BG Airport Division decided to prepare for the next time Salt Lake's contract came up. They worked to build a stronger relationship with the airport, and they implemented a new online tracking system—CleanTelligent.

The Salt Lake contract came up again recently, and BG had done their homework. They knew what was important to the airport and tailored their proposal accordingly. It was truly an eight-year effort to get it, and CleanTelligent played a major role. BG's Airport Division Manager, Scott Murray, relates, “CleanTelligent was one of the key decision factors in obtaining the Salt Lake contract. Reporting capability was a big issue for them. We knew that they wanted something like that, and we were building some tracking software of our own, but it didn't have the functionality we wanted. So we looked around for other options. CleanBrain Software's CleanTelligent was just what we needed. CleanBrain was flexible and willing to do whatever needed being done.”

The tracking system was well-received by the airport. “They were impressed right from the start,” says Murray. “We spent about a third of our proposal explaining the CleanTelligent system. They could look at it and see where the problems were by time of day or by area. Now we can even do reports to see the work quality of our individual custodians.”

Although BG is still the new team at Salt Lake, their commitment and capability as a building service provider has already impressed the airport. Murray explains, “They love us. I was there last week doing the end of our first quarter interview and he said that they thought their previous contractor was doing a great job until he saw our work.” Committed and effective work ethic, combined with CleanTelligent as a tracking, reporting, and communications system, have combined to make BG Service Solutions a successful force in the cleaning industry.