A custodian at the University of Nebraska at Omaha speaks out about the disrespect he receives from students he works around. "Tommy," as he is known on campus, has been working in janitorial services on and off for three years. Throughout that time, he has seen little change in the attitude among students and staff at the university.

Tommy, who is responsible for washing floors and caring for carpeting throughout campus, lists one of his biggest frustrations as students who ignore "Wet Floor" signs and walk across floors that he is in the process of washing. He says that by taking a simple detour around areas where he is working will prevent him from doing the job over, and saves him a tremendous amount of time.

Another headache is food and drinks that have been ground into carpeting and gone unreported. Tommy insists that he doesn't mind the work, its just that by the time he finds the mess, it has become much more of a project than it should be.

Although he is only responsible for the flooring, Tommy often finds himself picking up after sloppy students who leave food and beverages on tabletops, or move furniture without moving it back. But even that, he doesn't mind. According to the article, the biggest problem Tommy faces isn’t the workload or the fact that he has to repeat the same tasks sometimes two or three times to keep it clean until morning, it’s that even after three years at UNO he doesn’t feel like he is a part of the campus community.

Tommy explained he isn’t looking to be sympathized with or praised for what he does; he just wishes students would take into consideration that he’s doing his part to be a part of the community and to benefit it as well.

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