Cascades Tissue Group, one of North America's major players in the tissue paper business at 4th in North America and 2nd in Canada, announced that its products are now being transported on pallets from CHEP in Canada, the global leader in pallet pooling solutions. Cascades Tissue Group is shipping goods on CHEP pallets from the company's facilities in Quebec and Alberta to commercial and industrial, janitorial, office, hotel, restaurant, hospitality, supermarket, club store, discount and drug store customers across Canada.

Cascades Tissue Group previously offered both CHEP and a pallet exchange system to customers. The switch to CHEP was decided by Cascades Tissue Group's logistics and general managers. CHEP accommodates the company's move away from paper-based transactions to electronic data interchange (EDI) for much of its business.

"CHEP is dramatically improving our management of pallets by using the CHEP EDI system. The CHEP program also gives us great traceability, along with high quality pallets and reduced administrative work," said Patrice Audet, Corporate Director of Logistics at Cascades Tissue Group.

Audet added that the CHEP program supports merchandising initiatives at Cascades Tissue Group, like store display-ready unit loads, and meets customer demands for a consistent pallet.

"Like other CHEP partners, Cascades Tissue Group is seeing value in our paperless transaction service, which increases efficiency while improving accuracy. We also see the company's use of CHEP pallets for store level merchandising as a growing trend that will make supply chains supplied by Cascades Tissue Group even more productive," said Jason Adlam, Director, Sales and Customer Service, CHEP Canada.