Facility and maintenance personnel have many tasks to complete before school opens, and having facilities ready becomes even more challenging when nature doesn’t cooperate. School district officials in New York and other northeastern states had to contend with excessive rain and severe flooding this summer, and many needed help to get ready for the new school year.

Sanico, Inc., Binghamton, NY, tapped its connections within the janitorial community to provide assistance to several organizations in the area. “Community involvement is very important to us,” says Mike Peters, Sanico’s president. “Our management team met and decided to contact our vendors to seek donations. The response was very positive.”

Peters and his employees reached out to a variety of companies and requested help they thought would aid cleanup efforts including equipment, cleaning chemicals and even toilet paper. ProTeam, Boise, ID, responded by donating two ProForce 1500 vacuums, which were ultimately given to two school districts.

“A number of schools in our area sustained damage or required extensive cleaning after the storms,” says Peters. “The Windsor Central School District, Windsor, NY, and the Unatego School District, Unadilla, NY, each received a ProForce 1500. The equipment has been put to good use.”

Matthew M. Wood, ProTeam’s president says the ProForce 1500 model is appropriate for many settings and that selecting this model for the company’s donation was the right choice. “We didn’t know where the vacuums would go when we made our donation, and the ProForce 1500 model is a good choice for many workers and cleaning situations,” he says. “This unit has a high-performance dual-motor system, a floating powerhead that automatically adjusts to different surface heights and is easy to transport.” Wood notes that the donation is part of ProTeam’s continuing commitment to help appropriate groups, agencies and suppliers. “Sanico is a valued business partner and we were impressed by their commitment to helping others in their community. ProTeam is pleased to have been able to assist them in this work.”