Cargill, Minneapolis, is disclosing product ingredients — as well as the percentages of all melting ingredients — on its Diamond Crystal ice melter packaging.

The disclosure is part of a broader effort Cargill is undertaking to inform buyers and users about ingredient performance, based on established Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) test data.  This data, combined with ingredient disclosure, enables a buyer to evaluate and verify product claims and performance.

“Purchase criteria such as minimum ice melt temperatures, as well as understanding melting ingredients and their capabilities, are crucial in order to make the correct and best ice melter buying decision. Without this information, buyers are left to make purchase decisions without knowing the exact makeup of the ice melting product they choose,” says Bob O’Connell, Cargill Salt. “We at Cargill know that the most important information should be included on our Diamond Crystal ice melter packaging, with additional information made accessible on our website and in product literature.”