A recent study conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction — a global construction and design company — found that most facility managers select carpeting over hard-surface flooring for practical reasons that include noise control, aesthetics, and slip resistance. However, the biggest concern these managers mentioned regarding carpet selection was performance — or, in other words, how long the carpeting lasts.

The survey found that most managers want carpets to last for at least 11 years. They also want it to be stain and soil resistant and easy to maintain.
However, it appears many managers are less than satisfied with their carpeting's life span; the following facilities surveyed expected their carpeting to last longer:
• 62 percent of K-12 school facilities
• 61 percent of health care facilities
• 55 percent of higher education facilities
• 47 percent of corporate facilities

Moreover, on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the most dissatisfied), managers rated their satisfaction as a 1, 2, or 3 if their carpets lasted only six to nine years. If the carpet lasted 10 or more years, the numbers jumped to the other end of the scale (4 or 5).

But according to Mark Baxter, engineer, product manager for U.S. Products, there may be something else at play behind these revealing numbers.

"Some of this dissatisfaction could be due to lack of proper carpet cleaning and maintenance, which was not addressed in the survey."
The survey in fact did not ask how frequently the respondents' carpets were cleaned.  

Continued Baxter, "In K-12 facilities, for instance, carpets may need hot-water extraction two to four times per year. There usually is a very close connection between more frequent [carpet] cleanings with hot-water extraction and overall satisfaction. It can make a big difference."