JohnsonDiversey announced its Suma Optifill cleaning system for manual warewashing has received an Ameristar Packaging Award. Presented annually by the Institute of Packaging Professionals, the Ameristar awards recognize achievements across six areas, including innovation, sustainability, economics, product protection, package performance and marketing.

“We liked [Optifill] because it was very green,” said James Freund, CPP, an Ameristar judge and engineering manager, process development, for Hollister Incorporated. “It allows for use of concentrated chemicals and it ensured proper dispensing. Therefore, customer overuse was eliminated.”
Designed for multi-compartment sinks, staff simply place the Optifill system on the sink divider, align the faucet and turn on the water. The water flow activates the system’s unique patented pumping system which initiates the dispensing of chemical. Volumetric technology accurately dispenses detergent or sanitizer based on flow of water. It’s that simple.

“The Optifill system represents a true breakthrough in the cleaning of dishes and pots and pans,” said George Parr, vice president, global marketing and business development, for JohnsonDiversey. “No other solution on the market today provides the same level of accuracy and reliability for manual warewashing. We are honored by the Institute’s recognition of Optifill and the value it brings for kitchens everywhere.”