ProTeam, Boise, Idaho, announced a new training program for organizations seeking to improve the quality and productivity of their onsite cleaning and maintenance practices. ProTeam’s Cleaning Systems Training Group is designed to help operations of all sizes implement an improved cleaning system throughout their organization.

The Cleaning Systems Training Group gives operation leaders a systematic approach for improving cleaning quality, establishing control of supply costs and maximizing labor while minimizing overall costs. The program recognizes that implementing change throughout an organization can be challenging, and provides concrete tools for leaders to address opposition from a resistant workforce in positive, constructive ways.

Bob Cummings, head of the Cleaning Systems Training Group, has spent more than 25 years working in the cleaning industry. This experience has helped him develop a progressive program of best cleaning practices, which serves as the foundation of the Cleaning Systems Training Group.

“From experience, I understand that all operations are not the same; each possesses its own unique personality and abilities. The key to success is creating and building a team within an organization to accept and embrace change,” says Mr. Cummings.

One popular option to consider is a ProTeam Training Specialist who will help train a chosen facilitator from within an organization to become the in-house trainer, who will lead the change implementation.

“That trainer will become one of the organization's biggest assets in accelerating the change process in an organized, professional manner. A small pilot location will be targeted first, so that change can be mastered on a smaller scale and then successfully incorporated throughout an organization. It’s about taking the right steps in the right order so that everybody involved experiences success,” Mr. Cummings says.

All training is done onsite and customized to address the specific needs of each organization. Depending on the size of the pilot location, the services can be implemented by the Cleaning Systems Training Specialist in a few days, and is reasonably priced with confidentiality guaranteed.