Steve Ashkin, advocate for Green Cleaning and sustainable practices, is introducing a new Internet-based “Dashboard” technology designed specifically for small to medium-sized companies in the professional cleaning industry.
The system allows companies to measure, track and report on their facility’s environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions, as well as social equity, sales of Green products and other components required by leading sustainability programs such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System.
Ashkin adds that the Dashboard will be operated by a new company, Sustainability Dashboard Tool, LLC, which he will head along with Cynthia Schultz, a sustainability consultant, and Dr. Christopher Haynes, a computer scientist.
“It is important to me that everyone realizes the Dashboard is being developed specifically for small to midsized companies in the jansan industry,” says Ashkin. “Large corporations are already developing and using tools like this. Our goal is to provide a similar level of sophistication to smaller size firms but designing it to meet the unique needs of our industry.”
“The system also allows companies to compare performance against historical data and set goals and objectives,” adds Schultz.  “Future versions of the tool will allow users to track and measure Green sales and other sustainability indicators such as those associated with social equity recommended by leading sustainability reporting frameworks and guidelines.”
Using this information to measure and track performance, companies can identify opportunities to reduce environmental impacts, “and at the same time save money,” according to Schultz.  “As users reduce waste associated with lighting, heating, and cooling their buildings and reduce [the amount of] fuel used for sales, service, and delivery vehicles and other transportation related costs such as forklifts, the result is a cost savings.”