ISSA is seeking industry comments for the revision of its most popular publication, The Official ISSA 447 Cleaning Times.

The Official ISSA 447 Cleaning Times is designed as the starting point for preparing bids and estimates for budgeting labor and workloading, based on cleaning tasks and the time it takes to complete them. It also helps purchasers determine how much they could save through increased productivity by purchasing different equipment or tools.

ISSA first began to provide cleaning-time standards to the industry in 1963. Since then, the association has worked continuously to refine the cleaning times to make the book an ever-more valuable estimating tool and has had it translated into multiple languages. The result is that The Cleaning Times has been adopted as the standard for governmental, health-care, educational, and other markets in the United States as well as incorporated into a wide variety of computerized workloading programs as the standard default task times.

Interested parties may provide comments or request additions to The Cleaning Times by e-mailing the book’s author, John Walker, at Comments should be made by the comments-closing date, July 23, 2009. For additional information on the book’s update or to purchase a copy of the current version, contact ISSA Education Manager Martha Reynoso at