Healthy Child Healthy World announced a new long-term partnership with Activeion Cleaning Solutions.

“Parents today are constantly looking for products deemed safe and healthy, but it can be a confusing marketplace,” says Christopher Gavigan, CEO and executive director, Healthy Child Healthy World. “They rarely have the time to research high-quality, nontoxic options. With a product like the Activeion Pro, however, parents don’t have to worry about any chemical intrusion. Using only activated water, the Activeion Pro is a safe, powerfully effective household and surface cleaner for every family.”

For more than 18 years, Healthy Child has selectively collaborated with groups and companies that focus on reducing and eliminating chemical exposures from home products, furnishings and food. Activeion Cleaning Solutions is now joining this prominent group of partners that have passed strict quality standards and due diligence investigations that demand ultimate transparency and integrity.

"Healthy Child Healthy World's mission to create safe environments where children and families can flourish aligns perfectly with that of Activeion," says Jim Wiese, Activeion Cleaning Solutions’ CEO. "Combine our simple, safe and sustainable technology with Healthy Child Healthy World’s effective outreach, and families now have the information and the tools to ensure their homes are as nontoxic and environmentally friendly as possible."
Healthy Child Healthy World’s trusted partners represent all that is safe, clean and nontoxic; Activeion Cleaning Solutions is enthusiastically joining this group committed to protecting children and connecting with millions of new families.

“Cause-marketing partnerships are essential for reach and impact. Both Healthy Child and Activeion will benefit from the brand partnership,” adds Gavigan. “As a non-profit that parents trust, Healthy Child hopes to offer mutual awareness and lift with this integrated marketing program. The amplification for both brands will create much broader impact and, in the end, will prevent childhood illness. That’s even more powerful than a traditional ‘win-win’!”
Working together, Healthy Child and Activeion are helping families thrive in healthier living spaces and greener environments. The ultimate assurance of safety-in-use is inherent with the Activeion Pro, as no chemicals whatsoever are used.