The number of residential pools in North America has risen sharply over the past 50 years from a few thousand to more than seven million. With more people frequenting pools and spas, special attention needs to be paid to the chemicals used to maintain them. The EcoLogo Program is pleased to announce the initiation of its first environmental standard for pool and spa chemicals.

"Chemicals used in pools and spas can contain substances potentially toxic for the environment and human health," explained Scot Case, Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program. "This new EcoLogo standard will define clear criteria that products must meet before they can claim environmental leadership."

The EcoLogo Program is reaching out to interested individuals and companies who want to participate in a process that will reduce the environmental and human health impacts of pool and spa chemical products.

EcoLogo standards are developed in an open, public, transparent process. The process begins by outlining key environmental issues and questions to be addressed by the standard. Anyone is able to participate, including parents, pool and spa chemical manufacturers, government agencies, and non-profit advocacy groups.

The EcoLogo Program is inviting anyone interested in helping to develop or review the pool and spa chemical standard to email Terri Cundy at:, or call: (613) 247-1900 x242.