Concepts4, in partnership with ProTeam, will offer two-day High Performance Team Cleaning executive seminars this summer. Held on July 22-23 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and on August 20-21 in Rosemont, Illinois, the comprehensive courses cover the need-to-know details that make a Team Cleaning program run smoothly. Attendees—including custodial supervisors, facility and operations managers, sales executives and CEOs—benefit from hands-on training exercises with actual floor plans and a complete set-up of a facility.

“I have spoken to, taught and worked with over 4,600 organizations over the past 18 years about the application of the Team Cleaning system into their operations,” says Jim Harris, Sr., seminar leader and CEO of Concepts4. “I, as many others, have come to the conclusion that this is the best cleaning system to absorb the most stringent demands for high performance cleaning that face our industry today.”

Team Cleaning is a system designed to address the productivity and consistency problems of zone cleaning. In Team Cleaning, workers become specialists in four well-defined tasks, including light duty and trash, vacuuming, restrooms, and utility work. The specialist is then routed through a building on a set time-schedule with specific work assigned.

“Ultimately, workers are motivated,” says Harris. “They know what they’re supposed to do. They know how long it’s going to take. They have the right tools. Then, they can create greater efficiency by modifying the system to work better for their environment.