Striving for Carbon Neutrality: The Roadmap to Success
There is too much carbon in our atmosphere!  Although the global warming trajectory can be altered, the sobering reality is that we must act now.   Many colleges and universities have already engaged in a range of sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing resource use and impacts as part of a broad commitment to a healthier environment.  To meet the broader challenges of environmental sustainability and the mission of attaining carbon neutrality, campus facilities staff will need to help craft and create a campus climate action plan.  Excellent instruments and resources have already been developed in support of pursuing a path toward carbon neutrality. But do you have time to figure out where they all are? 
In collaboration APPA and Affiliated Engineers Inc. have developed a practical implementation strategy to help campus departmental staff a move forward in their unique roles within the process.  Share expertise and knowledge while working in tandem with other stakeholders to meet your institution’s goals of carbon neutrality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  Participate in this ‘hands on session’ as we begin with the end in mind and develop a practical institutional roadmap to reduce your campus carbon footprint. Facilitators of the session will guide you through the five key guiding principles as follows:
Form a stakeholder group
“Organize for Success” - Identify key roles and responsibilities.

Complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory
“Build Baseline Measures” -  Develop baseline measures through facilities and energy audits.

Develop a strategic climate action plan
"Start with the End in Mind” - Outline mission, goals, and timeframes; brainstorm all possible options; and create a roadmap to carbon neutrality.

Identify resource investments
“Quantify What You Can Commit” - Allocate financial, intellectual, and human resources to reduce emissions.
Implement a tactical plan
“Name the Nitty Gritty” - Identify and carry out specific projects and initiatives; monitor, report, and validate progress.

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