Get early access to cutting-edge strategies for a head start on a successful new year at the upcoming Trends and Technologies to Master Now - And in 2024 Virtual Summit. Hosted by, you'll explore the latest trends currently impacting the industry, including shifts in staffing practices and advances in infection control. Discover what these trends mean for building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals as they plan for the future.

You’ll also learn about game-changing strategies and discover keys to unlocking innovative solutions that will elevate cleaning in 2024 and beyond. From new products to sustainable practices to efficient workflows, this event provides the knowledge and tools necessary for success in the rapidly evolving building service contracting and facility cleaning industries. Connect with like-minded professionals, gain actionable takeaways, and position your cleaning enterprise for success.


Session 1:

Mastering Infection Prevention

Explore cutting-edge strategies, technologies, and best practices reshaping the way we approach infection prevention in commercial spaces. Led by industry experts and thought leaders, the session will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to elevate your cleaning practices to a new level of excellence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insights into the latest information about viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that pose a threat to commercial spaces. Explore their characteristics, lifecycles, and vulnerabilities that can inform effective prevention strategies.
  • Discover innovative cleaning techniques and methodologies tailored for infection prevention. Learn about surface disinfection, targeted cleaning, and the proper use of smart cleaning solutions that can revolutionize your cleaning routines.
  • Develop a customized infection prevention plan for specific environments. Understand how to assess risk, implement preventive measures, and establish protocols to minimize the spread of infections.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate infection prevention strategies to stakeholders and occupants. Discover strategies for training your cleaning team to ensure consistent and thorough execution of protocols.

Speaker: John LaRochelle - President of Lighthouse, Environmental Infection Prevention

John is on the Board of Directors of TIPS and is also a member of the Advisory Board, heading up strategic development and industry partnerships. As the founder and CEO of Environmental Infection Prevention, Inc. (EIP) and President of Lighthouse Healthcare Partners, John brings decades of experience and connections to the TIPS team. Environmental Infection Prevention was created as a result of his career-long commitment to reducing illness and saving lives through the elimination of infections with best-in-class people, processes, and technologies. Prior to EIP, John spent over 30 years with Sodexo where he began his career as a housekeeper and rose through the ranks holding US, North American, and Global Executive Leadership positions. These positions included VP of ES/Laundry USA, Head of Innovation for North America and, finally, the Global Leader for Environmental Infection Prevention where he was responsible for their global environmental infection prevention and cleaning program development across all business segments.

In addition to those roles, his experience also includes facilities management and safety experience in hospitals, long term care, corporate and education establishments with direct management experience in environmental infection prevention, maintenance, biomedical engineering, construction, housekeeping, laundry and safety.

Session 2:

Staffing Strategies for the Current Economy: A Guide for Commercial Cleaning Professionals

More than ever, effective staffing strategies are essential for the success and growth of a cleaning organization. Join us for an insightful and informative session and delve into the art of hiring, and retaining top talent in challenging times. Whether you're facing challenges in finding and retaining staff, or seeking ways to elevate your recruitment game, this presentation provides insights and techniques to build a skilled and motivated workforce. Attendees will come away with tools to navigate the complexities of the current economy and emerge with strategies to establish an effective advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of economic fluctuations on the labor market and how they influence staffing trends in the commercial cleaning industry. Learn how to adapt your strategies to align with the current economic realities.
  • Explore innovative methods to attract and retain a diverse range of candidates for cleaning positions. Discover effective employer branding strategies, and incentives that resonate with potential employees.
  • Learn how to create a positive and supportive work environment that fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover. Explore benefits, growth opportunities, and recognition programs that contribute to staff retention.
  • Review the importance of continuous learning and upskilling in the cleaning industry. Explore training programs that empower your staff to develop new skills, enhance their performance, and take on leadership roles.

Speaker: Ron Segura - Founder and President - Segura & Associates

Ron Segura, Founder and President of Segura & Associates brings over 56 years of experience in all segments of the Cleaning Industry. Ten of those years were spent overseeing the cleaning of over 4.5 million square feet of outsourced services for The Walt Disney Company.

With over 21 years of consulting both domestic and internationally Ron has been assisting organizations to perform at maximum efficiencies, while raising the quality of service. He is the author of numerous articles in various trade journals worldwide.

Ron has assisted hundreds of organizations in the reengineering of their operations so that they are able to provide a high quality of service and still meet budgetary requirements. He has assisted organizations such as Tesla, Stryker, Stanford University and The United States Federal Reserve.

Between the years of 2004 and 2007 he helped to develop and implement Green Cleaning Programs, throughout the United States and South America.

Ron’s excellent networking abilities has been demonstrated in his founding of the LinkedIn “Janitorial Management Group” with over 15,000 members worldwide.

Ron has been a Speaker and Presenter for Cleaning Organizations throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and this year was a speaker in Australia at the AUSCLEAN Pulire exhibition - Sydney (2013) and the Building Service Contractors International 2013(BSCAI), ISSA Latin America (2017) and Abralimp of Brazil (2017), Guyana (2019). BSCAI Webinar (2020), and Clean Middle East (2020).

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