2020 was an unprecedented year for the commercial cleaning industry, but as we move past the immediate pandemic concerns, will customers and stakeholders still be concerned about the same level of cleaning and new technologies? This Cleaning Summit will review what cleaning strategies will become new industry best practices and what were simply emergency protocols; how to plan to make sure you have the necessary staff to continue to handle the demands; and how best to engage with building executives to make sure their needs are sufficiently being met.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how a university adapted its campus during the pandemic.
  • Review the changes to the built environment that facilities managers expect to happen in the future.
  • Comprehend the tenant and stakeholder requirements on cleaning protocols
  • Understand the new technologies and/or existing technologies applied in new ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


The Future of Built Environments at Western Michigan University


Anand Sankey, CEFP, Director of Maintenance Services, Western Michigan University

The way we use and move around buildings has changed, and so have the expectations for the cleaning team. Join us as we explore the way social distancing, remote working, space management have changed in the last year and what we can expect in the future. Hear first hand on the changes Western Michigan University made on campus during the pandemic and how what changes they are making for the future.

Cleaning Strategies and Processes


Scott Weintraub, CBSE, President, SMG Corporate Services

This session will focus on best practices for cleaning strategies and processes in different facility types. Learn about what changed — and what has not changed — because of the pandemic and what processes clients will keep as we move to open facilities back up again. Learn about how changes to cleaning strategies and processes affect other components of the business-like labor hours, pricing, and more.

Evolving Technologies for Efficiency and Effectiveness


Bill McGarvey, C.P.T., I.C.E.-GB, LEED Green Associate, WACH, Director of Training & Sustainability, Imperial Dade

The increased importance of a safe and clean building has forced cleaning professionals to explore new processes and technologies. This session will focus on the different technologies and best practices on how to use these technologies. Review how these technologies have helped with workloading and staffing. As cleaning professionals embrace technologies, they can streamline processes and meet expectations of facility execs. This session will also discuss how to create a strong business case for new technologies.



Anand Sankey, CEFP
Director of Maintenance Services
Western Michigan University

Anand Sankey is the Director of Maintenance Services at Western Michigan University. Anand has 18 years of experience in Facilities Management including building maintenance and operations, energy conservation, geographic information system, building information modeling, campus utilities distribution, building management system, and is a Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) with APPA. He holds a BS from Western Michigan University.


Bill McGarvey, C.P.T., I.C.E.-GB, LEED Green Associate, WACH
Director of Training & Sustainability
Imperial Dade

Bill McGarvey is the Director of Training and Sustainability for Imperial Dade, the leading independent distributor of foodservice packaging as well as facility maintenance supplies and equipment in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

With over 40 years' experience in the commercial cleaning industry, McGarvey is responsible for all aspects of customer training through the Imperial Dade Cleaning Institute, virtual as well as on site workshops, regulatory compliance seminars, and equipment in-service programs


Scott Weintraub
SMG Corporate Services

Scott is a fourth-generation building services contractor with over 15 years' experience in the industry. As President of SMG Corporate Services, Scott oversees the delivery of janitorial, maintenance, and security services to over 75,000,000 sqft of space throughout the Northeast. By seeing all aspects of the business, he brings fresh perspectives to client service and innovation.


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