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A Guide to Truly Green Restrooms

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Restrooms have become focal points for increasing a facility's environmental responsibility, and as a result there's a renewed focus on key elements within restrooms, including fixtures, paper products, dispensers, and cleaning chemicals. With facilities facing increasing pressure to comply with corporate sustainability initiatives, there's an urgent need to improve the green aspects of restrooms and, at the same time, generate savings for organizations.

This Webcast, presented by Stephen P. Ashkin, Executive Director of the Green Cleaning Network, will help attendees identify the components that make up a green restroom, from soap to paper to dispensers and fixtures. In addition, the Webcast will help attendees understand:

* Cleaning restrooms with green and biobased chemicals
* Using enzymes that "eat" away deposits on drains and pipes
* The benefits of high-speed hand dryers compared to traditional dryers
* How touch-free soap and towel dispensers help reduce product usage and environmental impact
* The need to stock dispensers with recycled content paper and biodegradable soap
* The environmental benefits of waterless urinals (as well as the cleaning requirements for these specialty products)
* How sensor-operated/touch-free fixtures help conserve water

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