Developing effective sustainable waste management programs
Every year, 195 million tons of waste goes into U.S. landfills. But as consumers, businesses, manufacturers look for ways to recycle more trash every year, the diversion of waste has become much more comprehensive — and offers an opportunity for BSCs, in-house service providers, and distributors to create innovative recycling and waste management programs that support an organization's overall sustainability goals.

Learn how to provide valuable advice to customers and occupants looking to establish or expand their current waste management and recycling programs. This webcast will provide a process to evaluate options, build support for initiatives and launch programs such as:
  • Single-stream recycling
  • Composting
  • Lamp disposal
  • Medical waste/sharps tracking

Green Cleaning During The Day
Identifying the green products to use when cleaning around building occupants, including low-VOC chemicals, low-decibel vacuums and microfiber, which captures instead of spreading dust, etc.

Ingredient Disclosure and Radical Transparency
There's a push in the industry for listing ingredients of cleaning products either on labels or manufacturers' websites. This movement validates manufacturers' green and sustainable claims and helps distributors and end users compare green products and choose the 'greener' option.

Sustainability: Advanced Course
The goal of this seminar is not to cover green or what defines sustainability, but to take those in-the-know to the next level of sustainability.

Making green relevant in a rough economy
Our studies show that interest in green cleaning has taken a backseat in light of the economy. More purchases are being made based on price point vs. any environmental benefits. This is true for building owners when selecting a cleaning provider or outlining a cleaning budget. The same can be said of end users buying products from their distributors. This session would cover the benefits of implementing a green program and how to market your efforts.