It’s no secret that continuing education and training can open doors in your professional career. A knowledgeable cleaner that demonstrates initiative and seeks out new opportunities might advance to supervisor quicker than another. A supervisor that adds trainer to their job duties might be rewarded with a pay increase. And a manager that pursues professional credentials might soon find themselves at the director level.

In the more than 11 years as editor-in-chief of this magazine, I have seen the industry evolve dramatically. But imagine if I had stopped educating myself the day I started. Where would I be now? I’ll tell you — I’d be left in the dust. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

At Trade Press Media Group, our goal with Facility Cleaning Decisions is to educate and inform our readers on what is changing in the industry. In our print pages, we share success stories, product advancements and process improvements. On, we also provide free educational webcasts. And now, we’ve announced a live event that will offer management-level education, peer-to-peer networking and opportunities to review products from manufacturers.

In March 2018, we will launch the first Clean Buildings Expo in Baltimore. The event is specifically designed for end users and will be held in conjunction with the very popular National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT), the largest event in the facilities management market.

The Clean Buildings Expo will offer two days of quality education, as well as a robust trade show floor. And best of all, the event is free to attendees.

It’s time you made education a priority. For more information on this event, click here. Also, visit for updates and registration information. I hope to see you in Baltimore!