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March 2018
Clean Windows Spot Free, Easier, Faster, and Safely from the ground.
With IPC Eagle UltraPure window cleaning systems, anyone can clean windows 10x faster and it is as easy as brush and rinse. Ask for a demo and we will show you how!
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Berk Brands, they're in Demand. It's Time to Make the Change to Berk International.
Customers recognize Berk as the premier brand of choice for tissue, toweling, and disposable wiping cloths. Find out why people are asking for Berk Brands by name.
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Design and Innovation. A Perfect Balance by Americo Manufacturing.
Americo's Full Cycle® products the FIRST and ONLY floor pads certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation.
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The Award-Winning SONIC SCRUB™
Fits all standard oscillating floor machines. Outlasts floor pads 20 to 1! Winner of the Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Award 2 consecutive years.
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