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December 2016
DDI impression
Improving Customer Relationships & Sales with Inform ERP
DDI System's Inform CRM tool is empowering distributors with integrated customer intelligence tools designed to engage clients and drive business operations.
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The Malish Corporation Introduces SONIC SCRUB Mal-Grit Scrub™
Patent pending design cleans the most heavily soiled floors. Fits all standard oscillating floor machines. Easy installation/removal. Outlasts floor pads 20 to 1!
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DIAMOND-SHIELD Nano Molecular Coating and Enhancer fills-in scratches and tiny pores in the surface to achieve a deep, protective polish. Granite, ceramic, porcelain.
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New Foaming 72% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer!
  • Rich foam with moisturizers to help soften skin
  • Kills 99.999% of common germs in 15 seconds or less
  • Ideal for hospitals and other healthcare settings
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Proven reliability for over 20 years. Kärcher's single motor vacuum - for your most demanding jobs.
Kärcher's HEPA vacuums use a single motor to power the suction, roller brush and provide HEPA final stage filtration. They're available in three cleaning widths.
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New Dispense Pro® Twin
The Twin Pack has larger wipes, two dispensing slots for double the count, and reduced packaging material. Choose one of five wipers to clean oil, grease, and grime.
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