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Restroom Cleaning Equipment Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies & white papers for the cleaning professional

Guide to EPA-Regulated Disinfecting Devices

Cleaning System Has ATP Reduction Exceed 99 Percent

Fives Steps To A Cleaner Restroom

Cleaning Machine Tackles Flooded Classroom

Steam Vapor Disinfects Through a Variety of Textile Types

Steam Vapor Tops Other Disinfection Methods

Hospital Goes No-Touch

L.A. Nonprofit Employs Underserved With Cleaning

Peer-Reviewed Study Validates Steam Vapor

Cleaning Machine: I Did Not Want It, But Now I Love It

Reducing Cleaning Time from 3 Days to 3 Hours

Restroom Cleaning: More than Equipment

Restroom Care: Test Proves the Effectiveness of Water-Only Cleaning

Green: Sustainable Cleaning at the University of Wisconsin

Infection Control: Infection Control: NDM-1 Superbug Strain Vanquished by Steam Vapor System

Floor Care: Spray and Vac Machine Squares Off Against Microfiber

Restroom Care: Q&A About Sanitizing Devices

Restroom Care: Good Old Machine

Infection Control: Steam Vapor Faster and More Effective Than Conventional Disinfectants

Cleaning Machine: Sarasota School District Goes Green to Save Green

Restroom Care: Hard Times Call for New Cleaning Methods

Restroom Care: Let's End the Hovering Now!

Cleaning Machine: Teachers Refuse to Use Restroom

Cleaning Machine: Did I Hear You Right? A 97 Percent Client Retention Rate?

Cleaning Machine: As Workforce Cutbacks Threaten Schools, Custodial Managers Are Turning To Touchless Cleaning

Cleaning Machine: Protecting the Health of School Students and Staff

Touchless Cleaning System: Contributing To "Aggie Pride" at Texas A&M University

Steam Cleaning: Providing Greener, Healthier Environments for Veterans

Cleaning Machine: Keeping Keeping High-Risk and All Students Healthy

Cleaning Equipment: Buying Group Tests Look at Cleaning Ability

Cleaning Machine: Pine Crest Nursing Home Chooses Touchless Cleaning Unit for Wheelchair Cleaning

Cleaning Machine: Green Cleaning with Steam

Exterior Care: Caring for Parking Structure Is His Baby

Restoration: Cleaning Equipment Helps School Clean Up after Flood

Infection Control: As School Year Begins, Custodial Staffs Confront Swine Flu Concerns

Cleaning Machine: Tests Look at Inherent Cleaning Ability

Cleaning Machine: Moving the Clock Forward 100 Years

Cleaning Machine: Reducing the Impact of Workforce Reductions

Cleaning Machine: Using Steam Vapor To Clean Train Coaches

Cleaning Machine: Setting a New Touchless-Cleaning Standard

Cleaning Machine: Bad Storms…Good Praise

Infection Control: Sickness Spreading Too Fast in Delaware Elementary School

Cleaning Machine: Maid Brigade Charges Ahead with Steam Vapor Technology

Cleaning Machine: Seeing Is Believing

Cleaning Machine: Proving Steam Vapor's Performance in a Luxury Casino's Restrooms

Cleaning Machine: Wisconsin Prison Adopts No-Touch Cleaning

Cleaning Machine: Meeting The Demand

Infection Control:10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Cleaning Machine: Enhancing Wheelchair Cleanliness

Cleaning Machine: Developing Equipment That Cleans Effectively

Cleaning Machine: How Cleaning Helps Families Move On With Their Lives

Cleaning Machine: Keeping Orchestra Hall A Classic

Cleaning Machine: Steam is Hot - How to Heat Up Profits

Restroom Care: Spray-and-Squeegee Cleaning Systems vs. Conventional Mopping

Cleaning Machine: Tackling New Construction Cleanup

Infection Control: Advantages of Thermal Surface Disinfection

Feminine Hygiene: Solving Plumbing Issues In Major Office Building

Cleaning Equipment: Call the Cops…Then Call for the No-Touch Cleaning Machine

Steam Cleaning: Alternative Surface Disinfection

Restroom Cleaning Machine: Saving West Point Jobs

Steam Cleaning: When Disinfection Demands a Rapid Response

Cleaning Machine: Blitz Cleaning For Serious Jobs

Cleaning Machine: Cutting-Edge Cleaning for Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Cleaning Machine: Cleaning Stairs 86 Days Faster

Infection Control: Mobile Cleaning Unit Can Help Curb MRSA Outbreaks In Educational Facilities

Cleaning Machine: Health Cleaning for Healthy Grocery Store

Restroom Cleaning Machine: Madison County Schools Enhance Cleanliness

Cleaning Equipment: Regional Medical Center Exceeds Patient Expectations

Infection Control: Study Shows Steam Vapor Technology Kills C. difficile Spores in Seconds

Restroom Care: No Longer Here Just to Sweep and Mop

Infection Control: Numbers Don't Lie

Disinfection: Steam Vapor Wipes Out MRSA And VRE

Restroom Care: A Wealth Of Knowledge

Restroom Care: Never Seen Their Restrooms So Clean

Infection Control: Cleaning Methods Come Under the Microscope

Restroom Cleaning Machine: Meeting The Demand

MRSA: A Growing Epidemic?

Restroom Care: Portable Cleaning System Cleans Up At Wilson Elementary

Restroom Care: Canaries Sing for No-Touch Cleaning System

Cleaning Equipment: Leather Factory Loves No-Touch Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Machine: Cleans Away Customer Complaints

Restroom Care: Hard Work, But Worth It - With the Right Equipment

Restroom Care: Can a Cleaning Machine Change Student Behavior?

Restroom Care: It's All In The Box

Restroom Care: Winning The Game Of Cleaning

Restroom Care: Students Have Their Say

Restroom: Making Public Washrooms Personal

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