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Infection Control Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies & white papers for the cleaning professional

Preventing MRSA In Athletic Facilities

Software Assists With Hospital Acquired Infections

Wipes Reduce Sick Time In The Work Environment

Checklist For Improving Restroom Hygiene

Five Steps to Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness

Improving Efficacy With Ultra-Violet Light

Hospital Goes No-Touch

Infection Control: Steam Vapor Faster and More Effective Than Conventional Disinfectants

HVAC: Tips for Mitigating Influenza in Commercial Buildings

Infection Control: Processing and Handling of Cleaning Materials for Healthcare

Hand Hygiene: Hand Sanitizers Make Perfect Sense for Summer

Infection Control: Study Establishes Cleaning Efficiency Rates for Fitness/Recreation Market

Disinfectants: Helping Clients Stay Well Makes Good Business Sense

Infection Control: As School Year Begins, Custodial Staffs Confront Swine Flu Concerns

Infection Control: Sickness Spreading Too Fast in Delaware Elementary School

Infection Control: H1N1 Hygiene Survey Results

Chemicals: Understanding Disinfection Terminology

Infection Control: H1N1 Workplace Advisory

Infection Control: H1N1 Disinfection

Infection Control: Pandemic Preparedness

Infection Control:10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Infection Control: Advantages of Thermal Surface Disinfection

Infection Control: Advantages of Thermal Surface Disinfection

Steam Cleaning: Alternative Surface Disinfection

Steam Cleaning: When Disinfection Demands a Rapid Response

Infection Control: Mobile Cleaning Unit Can Help Curb MRSA Outbreaks In Educational Facilities

Infection Control: Study Shows Steam Vapor Technology Kills C. difficile Spores in Seconds

Infection Control: Numbers Don't Lie

Disinfection: Steam Vapor Wipes Out MRSA And VRE

Hand Sanitizer: Workplace Wellness Program Decreases Absenteeism By 21 Percent

Infection Control: Cleaning Methods Come Under the Microscope

MRSA: A Growing Epidemic?

Disinfectant: Staph Infection Eradicated For 14 Months

Disinfectants: Combating Community-Acquired MRSA

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