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Cleaners & Disinfectants Case Studies & White Papers

Case studies & white papers for the cleaning professional

Preventing MRSA In Athletic Facilities

Guide to EPA-Regulated Disinfecting Devices

Stadium Cleaning During The Playoffs

Steam Vapor Disinfects Through a Variety of Textile Types

Steam Vapor Tops Other Disinfection Methods

Green Chemicals: Principal Gives School an 'A'

Degreaser Goes Green

Monroe County Reduces Solid Waste With Green Products

Chemicals: Give Customers Some Wow

Degreaser: Cleaning Product Turns Movie Star

Infection Control: Infection Control: NDM-1 Superbug Strain Vanquished by Steam Vapor System

Chemicals: Getting more (Green) Bang for the Buck

Infection Control: Are You Ready For Flu Season?

Infection Control: Processing and Handling of Cleaning Materials for Healthcare

Chemicals: Bus Riding Made Healthy

Infection Control: To Sanitize or To Disinfect: That Is the Question

Disinfectants: Helping Clients Stay Well Makes Good Business Sense

Green: Nanotechnology-based Products Can Save Money and the Environment

Chemicals: Algoma University Goes Green

Chemicals: Selling the Benefits of Green Cleaning

Chemicals: Understanding Disinfection Terminology

Infection Control: H1N1 Disinfection

Chemicals: Green Lunch and Learn

Chemicals: Using Multi-Purpose Cleaners to Achieve LEED Gold

Cleaners: Cheers Up and Down the Elevator Shaft

Chemicals: Green-Certified Degreaser Tops Them All

Green Chemicals: Recognized Leader in the Facilities Management Industry

Chemicals: School Says No To Nonylphenol Ethoxylates

Disinfection: Steam Vapor Wipes Out MRSA And VRE

Green: Woodbine Entertainment Group Bets On Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning: Choosing The Right Green Program

Green: Only The Complete Version Of Green Cleaning For Reader's Digest

Disinfectant: Staph Infection Eradicated For 14 Months

Indoor Air Quality: Green Cleaning For A Clean Bill Of Health

Disinfectants: Combating Community-Acquired MRSA

Green Cleaning: Transportation District Cruises to Cost Savings on Cleaning Chemicals

Green Cleaning: Look, No Gloves!

Oxygen Cleaners: City Learns Hydrogen Peroxide Lessons From Its Schools

Waste Management: Cleaning Up Disasters Without Touching

Oxygen Cleaners: An ADA Tale of Two Schools

Disinfectants: Breakthrough In The Abatement Of Hospital Bacteria

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